I'll admit it. In spite of being 23 years old, serious about earning my degree, and planning to get married in the near future, I have a kid still lurking around inside of me. That kid loves games.

Most often, the games I enjoy fall into one of two categories: role-playing games and real-time strategy games. While the first category includes some games for groups of people just sitting around on a Saturday night or whatever, the latter applies exclusively to computer games.

I also enjoy other games, particularly computer games. In addition to RPG's and RTS's, I own five turn-based strategy games (Risk, Age of Wonders and the Heroes of Might and Magic series), a motorcycle-racing game, and Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. You can check out my RPG and RTS titles by clicking the links above.

I would like to create computer games someday, or perhaps publish a pen-and-paper RPG I created...or maybe both.

UPDATE (4/2/01):
I am now the web master of the Skaal Tel Armada (Homeworld clan) web site.

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